Ultrasensitive mass-spectrometry analysis


Quantifying proteins in single cells at high-throughput with mass spectrometry

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Methods and tools for optimizing sensitive mass spectrometry analysis

The sensitivity of mass spectrometry analysis depends on many factors, including sample preparations, data acquisition, and data interpretation. These factors can be benchmarked and optimized by methods developed in the Slavov Laboratory:

DO-MS and DART-ID are major contributors to the increased throughput and quantitative accuracy of SCoPE2 compared to Single-Cell ProtEomics by Mass Spectrometry (SCoPE-MS). Below are video presentations by Gray Huffman and Albert Chen describing these methods.



Principles for optimizing experiments using isobaric carriers

These controlled experiments describe general principles and suggest guidelines for experiments using isobaric carriers.

Further resources

Read more about the single-cell proteomics research, its active single-cell proteomics projects and ultrasensitive MS analysis.