SCoPE2 data download


Quantifying proteins in single cells at high-throughput with mass spectrometry

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SCoPE2 data processed to ASCII text matrices

  • Peptides-raw.csv
    • Peptides x single cells at 1% FDR. The first 2 columns list the corresponding protein identifiers and peptide sequences and each subsequent column corresponds to a single cell. Peptide identification is based on spectra analyzed by MaxQuant and is enhanced by using DART-ID to incorporate retention time information. See Specht et al., 2019 for details.



  • Cells.csv
    • Annotation x single cells. Each column corresponds to a single cell and the rows include relevant metadata, such as, cell type if known, measurements from the isolation of the cell, and derivative quantities, i.e., rRI, CVs, reliability.


SCoPE2 RAW data and search results from MaxQuant