Minimal sample preparation

Minimal ProteOmic sample Preparation (mPOP)


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A major limitation to applying quantitative LC-MS/MS proteomics to small samples, such as single cells, are the losses incurred during sample cleanup. To relieve this limitation, we developed a Minimal ProteOmic sample Preparation (mPOP) method for culture-grown mammalian cells. mPOP obviates cleanup and thus eliminates cleanup-related losses while expediting sample preparation and simplifying its automation. Bulk SILAC samples processed by mPOP or by conventional urea-based methods indicated that mPOP results in complete cell lysis and accurate relative quantification. mPOP can be easily intergraded with the Single Cell ProtEomics by Mass Spectrometry (SCoPE-MS) and with its second generation SCoPE2 as described in this protocol.


Data from experiments benchmarking mPOP






About the project

This project on developing an automated sample preparation method for single-cell proteomics was supported by funding from the NIH Director’s Award.